Stan Jirman

Vice President, Software Engineering

Stan Jirman is Vice President of Software Engineering at Lytro where he oversees Firmware, QA and all “off-camera” software, including desktop, mobile and web.

Prior to Lytro, Stan spent 14 years at Apple in a variety of senior engineering roles. He was one of the founding members of the Aperture image processing and management software team, on the iOS team from the inception of the iPhone all the way to iOS 5, and most recently in charge of the Camera and Photos applications.

Stan is also a passionate traveler and photographer who spent months in Florida working closely with NASA documenting the last five Space Shuttle missions. Since the retirement of the Space Shuttle he now has more time to spend with his two small children, very much to his wife’s delight.

Stan has a BS and MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.