LYTRO illum

A new way to capture your stories

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The invention of photography gave us the power to capture our most beautiful, tragic and thought-provoking moments. But traditional cameras only capture part of a story. What if we could look deeper? What if we could tell the full story of a moment captured in time?

Now, with a single exposure from Lytro ILLUM, you can adjust aperture, use selective focus, tilt, focus spread, animation and even 3D to differentiate yourself with multiple deliverables.

Lytro ILLUM Technical Specs

Lytro ILLUM in action

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In addition to exporting your images as JPG, TIFF and light field RAW files, you can also share your light field pictures as Living Pictures, custom animations, in 3D, or as traditional 2D images.


Capture every essence of the moment.

By capturing rich multi-dimensional data from every angle in to the camera, Lytro ILLUM allows you to create immersive, interactive stories that viewers can explore from multiple dimensions.

Now only your imagination limits you from what you can create.

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Breakthrough optics.

A 40 Megaray sensor with 8x optical zoom lens and 30-250mm equivalent focal length brings unparalleled capability in a single lens.

You have the ability to capture the scene with exceptional foreground and background detail. All the imaging power you need to compose experiences that have never been framed before.

Technology that is redefining imaging.

Capturing every ray of light within the scene requires the most powerful computational technology in the industry. Featuring a Snapdragon 800 Processor, Lytro ILLUM has real-time playback controls to preview every detail, every dimension, instantly.