Lytro Immerge


The world’s first professional Light Field solution for cinematic VR,
providing true presence for live action VR through six degrees of freedom.


The first Live Action VR example to simulate true presence with Light Field video.

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Built for the Next Generation of Immersive Storytelling

Break away from the creative limitations of existing tools designed for flat video frames. Lytro Immerge is built from the ground up to seamlessly blend live action and computer graphics (CG) using Light Field data. With configurable capture and playback solutions, it supports a range of new immersive storytelling needs.

  • Camera

    Configurable, dense Light Field camera array with professional cinematic video quality

  • Server

    Storage and processing of Light Field data with ultra high bandwidth direct-to-disk capture

  • Editing

    Seamless blending of CG & live action with Light Field plug-ins for visual effect tools


    Light Field video playback engine for VR headsets/platforms providing true presence through 6DoF

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Unlock Immersive Storytelling with Complete Creative Control

Achieve true presence for live action VR through six degrees of freedom with Lytro Immerge. A Light Field powered solution built from the ground up to meet needs of the new immersive storyteller.

Apply for Lytro Immerge prototype access as a content development studio or partner:

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