To work properly and efficiently, most modern websites collect information from their visitors by utilizing various technologies for storing and retrieving information from the visitors’ devices. This Cookie Policy describes the cookies and other similar technologies that are used on our website and web services. BY CONTINUING TO USE OUR WEBSITE AND WEB SERVICES WITHOUT CHANGING YOUR SETTINGS, YOU CONSENT TO THE USE OF COOKIES AND SIMILAR TECHNOLOGIES AS DESCRIBED IN THIS POLICY.

1. Lytro-Utilized Cookies and Other Technologies

We use the following technologies to improve the performance and efficiency of our website and web services (for example, embedded living pictures supported by us on third-party websites): cookies, local storage, and local shared object.

1.1 Cookies

Cookies are small data files that we transfer to your computer for record-keeping purposes. They are transferred back to us on subsequent visits to our website or use of web services. Cookies help websites recognize the user’s device, which is useful for the proper and efficient operation of the website.

Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (“session cookies”) or they can be stored for longer (“persistent cookies”).

We utilize the following cookies on our website and web services:

Type of cookie Cookie identifier Purpose Expiry
Session identification cookie _lytro_session This cookie is set per browser session, when you come to our website or web services. It helps us keep registered users in a logged-in state. This cookie expires when you close your browser.
Persistent cookie for user identification remember_user_token This cookie is placed on your device when you register or log in to our website. It applies if you have closed your browser after a visit to our website and return within a week to it in a new browser session. During your return visit, we associate this cookie with a new session identification cookie (see line above) so that you don’t have to log in again. This cookie expires one week after your last visit.
Persistent cookie for language choice language This cookie is placed on your device when you visit the website to remember your language choice on If you have closed your browser after a visit to our website and return within one year to a new browser session, we use this cookie to populate the product manual with your previously chosen language This cookie expires one year after your last visit.
Session cookie for better user experience modal_sign_in_success or modal_load_sign_up or modal_redirect_parent or modal_load_forgot_password This cookie is placed on your device when you register or log in to our website. It helps us display the correct window or redirect your browser, depending on your success or failure to log in. This cookie expires when you close your browser.
Session cookies for better picture-viewing experience dismissed_player_switch_notice
These cookies are placed when you select which picture player technology to use when you interact with living pictures on our website. They remember your preferences. These cookies expire when you close your browser.

You can manage, block or delete cookies in your browser settings. Below are links to instructions how to do this in several popular browsers:

1.2 Local Storage

Throughout our website and web services, we use HTML5, which is a language for building websites that provides certain functionality to improve user experience. For example, we use this functionality on our webstore to provide the equivalent of a shopping cart.

The HTML5 technology uses the local storage of the device that accesses the website or web service. The website records certain information in the local storage and reads it when it is needed. A website can only access data stored by itself and not by other websites or sources.

You can block or delete HTML5 local storage functionality from your browser’s settings. Below are links to instructions how to do this in several popular browsers:

1.3 Local Shared Object (“Flash Cookie”)

We use Adobe Flash shared object (commonly known as “Flash cookies”) to assist our visitors with seeing new features and to facilitate the use of Flash player on our website. We do not collect information back from Flash cookies. You can manage Flash cookies by using Adobe’s tool found here.

2. Third-Party Cookies and Other Technologies

We use third-party service providers to run, analyze and optimize our website. Some of these third parties use cookies and other similar technologies (such as web beacons) to provide their services to us.

2.1 Third-Party Cookies

When third parties provide their services to us, they may place cookies on your device. The purposes of these cookies are:

  • Collect anonymized and aggregated information about where our website’s visitors come from, geographically or on the web: for example, we use Google Analytics to help us monitor our website traffic and Google Ads to track targeted advertising and conversion.
  • Optimize our website based on the behavior of our visitors and users: for example, we may display various versions of our website to different segments of visitors and determine which version performs better.
  • Display content in various forms of media: for example, we may embed YouTube videos on our website and need to manage your preferences for the YouTube player.

You can find out here how to opt-out of third-party cookies on our website.

2.2 Third-Party Beacons

Web beacons (also known as “clear gifs”) are small images on our website used to monitor site performance. When a visitor to our website visits a page, the web beacon send a time stamp at start and completion of the page load. We use that information to evaluate how fast our pages load and to improve customer experience. The web beacons on our website collect anonymous geographical information (so that, for example, we are able to know where around the world our pages load more slowly); they do not collect personally identifiable information.

Additional Information

For additional information about how we collect, use, and disclose information we receive from you, please refer to our Privacy Policy.